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To Sangana members are dance and theatre majors/minors and from campus wide auditions. This is a dynamic dance company that thrills audiences with quality African-derived dance and drum presentations, guaranteed to inspire, invigorate, educate, and entertain. The company celebrates rich cultural traditions from the African heritage, as well as the contemporary African-American experience. African Dance brings together all the arts: music, theatre, visual art, and movement- to form a complete artistic and cultural statement. African dance today reaches a worldwide audience through the rigorous, theme based, and excitingly joyful dedication of professional dancers and musicians.

Through company performance, and interaction with students, emphasizes:

  • Enhanced cultural understanding and awareness through dance and music through its expressive qualities.
  • Improved understanding of dance as a way to create and communicate meaning.
  • Expanded knowledge of the African cultural influence to movement and music of the past and present.
  • Heightened sensitivity in identifying movement elements and skills in dance performance, with the ability to listen and focus in on sounds.

Booking Information

  • Tour dates: Please inquire about availability
  • Tour rates: $500 flat fee
  • For distances requiring travel greater than 30 miles, please inquire about mileage and gas fee.
  • Both a master class and second show are available for an additional fee.
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