December Dance Concert - Slider Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts Dec. 7 and 8, 2019

Theatre and Dance at Wayne State Presents Annual December Dance Concert at Detroit’s Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts

December Dance Concert. Photo by Scott Lipiec.
December Dance Concert. Photo by Scott Lipiec.
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DETROIT – The Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance, a program within the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts at Wayne State University is proud to present its annual December Dance Concert at Detroit’s Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts (350 Madison St, Detroit, MI 48226), December 7 at 7:30 p.m. and 8 at 3 p.m.   
Audiences will be thrilled to witness the remarkable power of celebrated guest choreographers along with faculty and student choreographers in this two-show-only event.
Wayne State Dance Alumna Della Hamby’s commercial dance choreography in “POWER in Invisible Insecurities,” showcasing the strength of nine women.  Hamby explores and showcases the paradox of one’s image as perceived and/or felt. 
Company One guest artist Hanna Brictson, choreographer of “Dear Diary,” responds to artistic director Lisa LaMarre’s theme “Letters of emPOWERment”.  The dancers embody strikes of typewriter mechanisms, diary memories and smiles.  This piece, “Letters of emPOWERment,” is also available as a separate touring piece, traveling to local schools this Winter. Teachers interested in booking Company One’s tour can contact the Box Office or visit theatreanddanceatwayne.com to learn more.
In “SOULTY,” choreographed by Allesee Guest Artist and celebrated artist from Israel, Bosmat Nossan, the face becomes a mask, the voice turns into sound and body movements become decorative shapes.  The performers do not express themselves through movement, rather they separate their “selfs” from it.  They disconnect from facial expressions, movement and voice, which usually act as mediators of inner feelings.  The voice, the face and the shape of movement do not seek authenticity or manifestation of the individual, but emerge out of the body as sculptural elements; costumes through which new figures are composed.  Thus, they act as a medium that suddenly channels the voice of a spirit; a spirit that is not confined to an individual, but is connected to the zeitgeist. 
Driven by BAIRA’s signature athleticism and lushly organic, gravity-grappling movement style, the ensemble of 24 in “Waking Life” will lead audiences into and out of an intricate forest of dreams and reality.
To Sangana Guest Artist Germaul Barnes choreographs “Goddess Whispers,” which is in celebration of all women; our struggles as well as triumphs in this life we live.
Karen Prall, faculty member and director of To Sangana, choreographs a piece called “Before Me.”  It is a snippet of Mother Africa in her glory, who then collapses from the force of outsiders.  It explores the effect African movement has on many styles of dance that are present today as Africa works to regain their glory.
“I’ll be seeing you,” choreographed by faculty member Jessica Rajko, explores tensions between security and privacy by asking, “What does it mean to feel safe?”  During the creative process, artists researched contemporary, local issues related to public surveillance and juxtaposed this research with personal experiences of feeling safe/unsafe, secure/unsecure, seen/unseen, and heard/unheard.
Additionally, audiences will experience pieces choreographed by Dominique Denson, Brooklyn Parks, and Ashley Taravella, each pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Dance at Wayne State.
The 2019 December Dance Concert is sure to excite audiences of all ages as student dancers celebrate the artistry and athleticism of dance at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts.
Additionally, Company One Dance will perform two additional concerts on Saturday, December 7 at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. as part of Midtown’s Noel Night celebration. Tickets for Company One’s Noel Night Dance Concert are just $5 each (fees may apply).
Tickets for the December Dance Concert range from $15 for students and children to $27 for adults. Fees may apply. For more information and tickets, visit theatreanddanceatwayne.com or call 313-577-2972. The Box Office is available Tuesday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
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Performance Dates:

Saturday, Dec. 77:30 p.m.Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts
Sunday, Dec. 83 p.m.Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts
Creative Team
ChoreographerHannah Andersen
ChoreographerBryan And Shaina Baira
ChoreographerGermaul Barnes
ChoreographerHannah Bricston
Sound DesignerBrian Cole
ChoreographerDominique Denson
ChoreographerDella Hamby
ChoreographerBosmat Nossan
ChoreographerBrooklyn Lashae Parks
Costume DesignerJane Pastor
Artistic DirectorMeg Paul
ChoreographerKaren Prall
ChoreographerJessica Rajko
Lighting DesignerMatt Taylor
ChoreographerAshley Taravella
Dance Injury SpecialistDr. Steven J. Karageanes, Do
Production Team
Production CoordinatorDana Gamarra
Assistant Stage ManagerKristal Georgopoulos
Technical DirectorJohn Keisling
Associate Lighting DesignersCarrie Heisler, Megan O’Brien
Deck CrewMikayla Anderson, Hannah Brown, Molly Chieca, Natalie Garban, Anne Laforet, Faith Sheffield, Amanda Teehan
Costume Shop ManagerMary Copenhagen
Costume Crew Courtney Furman, Alicia Pomponia, Andrew Panckiewicz
Costume Construction CrewCaleb Matthews, Samantha Chmiel-Willcock, Lupe Vasquez, Stephanie Bedore, Jasmine Bullock
Master ElectricianSlu Stone
Gel MasterDeclan O’connell
Light Board OperatorNick Easterling
Sound Board OperatorJack Welcher
Marketing LeadEthan Williams
Marketing AssociateLuke Lecher
Media Center/
Digital Content Coordinator
Alesyn McCall
Production PhotographerScott Lipiec
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