By: Nina

So you’ve decided you want to be famous. Well just follow these easy 5 steps and you’ll be on the cover of magazines, or acting, in no time!

#1 – Attach Yourself to a Bright Star


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Just standing next to someone powerful can help your status increase. Who is standing next to you? Is it a famous playwright, beloved by many, or a penniless writer who’s only excess is of empty pieces of paper? Maybe it’s a two degrees of separation situation. Do they have famous parents? Often times direct decedents of famous and legendary individuals don’t want to be in the public spotlight, but that doesn’t mean that their social presence has to go completely unnoticed.

#2 – Stalk your favorite celebrity

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Nothing says “I’m talented” like following another famous person’s every move. They love it when you call them at all hours of the day, send them unsolicited “notes”, and show up at parties and gatherings that you are not invited to. They have total control of casting for their new film and they are always ready to help people they don’t know get cast. If they resist, just pursue them harder. Everyone likes to play hard to get, and this is your future we’re talking about.

#3 – Make Your Own Online Videos

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It doesn’t take a genius (trust me) to record themselves and post it online. If you have don’t believe that, boy have I got the website for you! and media website like it have given anyone, and I do mean anyone, a platform to put any type of content (within reason according to website guidelines) out into the universe where is can be viewed by a neighbor or a person on the opposite side of the world at the exact same time. Finding fame is all about casting a wide net, so why shouldn’t it be a global one?

#4 – Get a Reality Show

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If you have the ability to take the online video to a new platform, try an actual show! Some would say that getting a reality show would be reaching the top of fame. I agree with those people, but for a select few it can actually serve as a stepping stone to bigger things. With the wide range of “realities” being put into the universe, there is no lack of “interesting” things that can land you your very own show. The only thing you have to be good at, is being your authentic self. What are you good at doing that is generally appropriate for families? Film it and put it online. There is a good chance that you’ll risk friends and family relationships along the way, but if they’re not helping you up, then they are holding you back.

#5 – Audition

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Not the strongest recommendation, but hitting the pavement and auditioning is sometimes a successful way of making it big. You never know when you will impress a casting director and earn a legitimate part in their show. This is the least reliable method when it comes to striking it big, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. A quick word of advice: make sure all auditions are held in public and that an actual script is ALREADY written.