An Interesting Fact About 9 Cast Members of A Christmas Carol

By November 20, 2017No Comments

Everyone has something that makes them unique, and Theatre and Dance at Wayne’s cast for A Christmas Carol is no different.  During rehearsal on November 15, we asked nine cast members to share an interesting fact about themselves. This is what they said!

  1. Tim Hiemstra‘s eyes change color depending on the light.
  2. John Bergeron is an amateur juggler.
  3. Durshara Kirby loves R&B music.
  4. Kyle Sammy plays the piano.
  5. Luke Hodgson lives on a real christmas tree farm.
  6. Cam Blackwell introduces himself as a 19 year old lactose intolerant Leo vegetarian who’s obsessed with golden age musical theatre.
  7. Sidni Goodman can talk with a lisp, in a valley girl accent, and if you buy her food she will be your best friend.
  8. Jacob Chapman has a twin sister.
  9. Jasmine Walker ‘s favorite song is “The Christmas Song” when chestnuts are roasting on an open fire.

What is an interesting fact about you?  Share your fact by posting on Theatre and Dance at Wayne’s Facebook page under the post for “9 Days Until A Christmas Carol” and let us know what makes you unique!